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take the Mystery out of school finance


take the Mystery out of school finance is a six-part series addressing the complex topic of
Arizona school finance & the Marana Unified School District budget.  

Presentation 1
The ABC's of Arizona school finance addresses the state equalization formula and its impact on the Marana Unified School District.  Starting with the question...as property values increase, do school budgets increase?...This presentation provides a general understanding of Average Daily Membership (ADM), Teacher Experience Index (TEI), Transportation, Base Support Level, overrides and other components of the formula.  A recent history brings these numbers to life.

Presentation 2
Are school districts funded adequately? dives into the misconception associated with per pupil funding. This presentation explores the concept of whether or not it is the portion of the State
general budget given to K-12 education or the size of the state general budget as a whole that is the problem.  We further look at personal income in relation to government expenditures and this
impact on school funding.

Presentation 3

Local community make a difference provides an in-depth study of both the primary and secondary tax rates including the various components that impact both of these rates.  The presentation also reviews per pupil funding and discussing the local impacts a community can make through bonds and overrides.  You will also learn about the District-wide bond projects.  

Presentation 4

Good stewards of resources provides an in-depth look related to how the MUSD budget is expended. The presentation dissects the Arizona Auditor General “Dollars Spent in the Classroom” report as well as informs about ongoing cost saving measures implemented by the District.

Presentation 5 



During the staffing and the impact on the classroom presentation you will learn about how school staffing levels are determined and the impact on class size. The presentation will demonstrate the process and the District’s ongoing commitment to minimize budget impacts in the classroom. Information is provided regarding the recent investments the District has made related to student instruction and achievement.


 Presentation 6

The difference a grant can make discusses some of the new monies the District has pursued and obtained through state and federal grants. The presentation will discuss various grants related to

Smaller Learning Communities, counseling, and physical fitness will be highlighted.