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Professional Practice Advisory Committee
Team Members 2016-2017

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Professional Practice Advisory Committee (PPAC)

Why did CMT shift to PPAC? 

The systems and process in our school district are democratic and collaborative by nature. Teacher input and involvement in strategic planning and decision making is foundational to our collective work. For many years, the Curriculum Management Team (CMT) provided guidance and support to teachers with what to teach. However, instructional leadership has evolved creating a need for teacher and school leader input on additional facets of our professional practice.

To this end, we have transitioned CMT to a district level leadership committee that collaborates to plan, implement, and evaluate the professional practices being implemented in our school district. This Professional Practice Advisory Committee (PPAC) is composed of teacher leaders, district coordinators, several principals, and the assistant superintendents. Working together, this group supports the deployment of integrated professional learning and training regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, and instructional technology. 

PPAC has established two-way communication structures with school sites to solicit direction in the development of our training plan as well as collecting feedback about the effectiveness of our support. The minutes of PPAC meetings will continue to be shared with the MUSD teacher and leader community on a regular basis. 

If you have questions about this group, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the committee members for additional information.