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Grading/Student Progress
Flexible Summer Learning or Classroom Lab Support
Students can monitor their progress in their Flexible Learning or Classroom Lab Support courses by logging into their student account at www.maranausd.org/dlp. 

Parents can also request a separate login to view student progress.  Please contact the Summer Success office at to request this information. 

Incomplete attempts will not appear on a transcript and will not affect a student's GPA. 

Transcripts are issued from Marana Distance Learning upon completion of a course and shared with a student's indicated home school.  To request that a transcript be sent to a school, please email your request to

Blended Academic Support
Teachers will email parents directly at the end of each week if a student is not making adequate progress. 

Transcripts are prepared by the Summer Success Program through the Marana Unified School District.  To request a transcript, please email our team at: 

Marana Unified SD students:

Report cards will be mailed home at the end of each Session, and coursework will appear on your MUSD transcript. 

Students from outside MUSD:

Report cards will be mailed home at the end of each Session and a Marana Unified SD transcript will be sent to your indicated home school.