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Emergency Response Information
Emergency Communication

The Marana Unified School District is committed to ensuring that students, staff members, parents, the media, and the community have accurate, consistent, and timely information in the event of an emergency. Emergency communications mitigates negative impacts in the community and encourages fair, objective media coverage.

In emergency situations, the priorities are: (1) the safety and health of students, staff and community members, (2) compliance with local, state and federal law and the directives of public safety officials, (3) the privacy and emotional well-being of affected individuals and (4) clear and responsible communication with stakeholders and community members.

Clear and responsible communication is a critical part of incident management. Any emergency in a school will generate intense interest from the public and the media. The Department of Public Relations will establish, coordinate, and direct public information to all stakeholders and media in coordination with the Superintendent. 

Emergency Response

Should a critical or emergency situation arise in the area or on campus while school is in session the Marana Unified School District has a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan providing step-by-step guidelines for maximizing safety, efficiency, and communication. The Plan has been developed in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines and in collaboration with local emergency management agencies. 

District emergency procedures are designed to maximize the use of available resources and respond effectively and efficiently to each situation. All District schools conduct emergency drills on a consistent basis throughout the school year. Emergency drills provide the opportunity to practice preparation and safety procedures ensuring students and staff are aware of all processes including where to report and what to do in the event of an emergency.

What Parents Need To Know In An Emergency

In the event an emergency occurs during school hours, your student(s) will be cared for at their school or at a designated area. Your cooperation is necessary in any emergency; therefore, please be aware of the following guidelines:
    * Do not telephone the school directly. School telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.
    * Parents will be contacted by school personnel in an emergency situation directly involving their child.
    * Information will be made available through the following means:
            * Mass notification system. The District will communicate with parents via email, telephone, and/or SMS text messaging. Please maintain current contact information at your child’s school.
            * District web site homepage at www.maranausd.org
            * District office at 520-682-3243.
            * Stay tuned to local television and radio stations for emergency information.
    * Unless the emergency requires students to be evacuated to another District school, students will be kept at their home school.
    * If students are evacuated to another location, parents will be notified by District personnel.
    * A student will only be released to parent(s) or authorized individuals identified on the student’s MUSD Health/Emergency Information Form